When a family loses a loved on, it is a very difficult time to think clearly and wisely.  And for that reason our family wanted to thank you sincerely for your assistance with our father’s vault and the services you provided.  The cost difference for basically the same product was substantial.  But the part I appreciated the most was that working with you was like having a close friend help me with this arrangement and purchase.
The fact that my fathers services were in Central Illinois, but you were located in Texas was at first a concern.  But you cared for our family as if you were part of it.  You took care of everything with a total of two phone calls.  And then followed up to let me know how everything was scheduled.
With that said, thank you so much.  I have already shared your [name] with so very many friends of your company and the remarkable help you were.            Dave – Central Illinois

Thank you for assisting with my brother’s family.  He died unexpectedly and we did not know where to turn.  You made sending him over 1000 miles seem so easy.  And you saved us a lot of money.  Les – Virginia

When my cousin died in Oklahoma City last month, you helped us get him cremated. I did not know what to do.  You made the difficult seem easy and I knew I was in good hands.                Lloyd – Texas

Thank you so very much for all of your help, thoughts, and guidance with the vault.  I wish you many blessings with your seminary assistance to young people.  God’s Blessings! David – Illinois

To these testimonials I could add my own.  Would we use a mortuary service for my own family?  When our own mother died in 2002, the local mortuary matched the price of the mortuary service to keep the business in our small down from going 20 miles down the road.  We received the same care and saved $1156.  Later my brother in Florida wanted his wife cremated.  The arrangements were made over the phone and our brother saved about $1000 over all.  He was pleased with the mortuary service providers.  I would and have trusted my own family to mortuary service providers.

Emergencies any time 24/7:  832-603-3980 [Cell/Mobile]  Phone 281-941-2260

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