Payment Options/Charges

We accept the following types of payment:

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

  •              Visa
  •              Master Card
  •              Discover
  •              American Express

I also accept pay pal.

We will make the arrangements for funeral goods and services.   We then obtain the information for the form of payment that the family desires.  Funeral goods and funeral services need to be paid for in full prior to the cremation or burial.

In general our fees are as follows:

  • Caskets at cost… vendors do make a small profit and will deliver the casket to the provider selected.  We do not mark up caskets.  We have vendors who can provide a casket in almost all areas of the USA at nearly wholesale costs.

Burial Vaults:

  • Top line vaults  whole sale and delivery charges  + $250
  • Fully lines burial vaults and delivery charges      + $225
  • Premium Burial Vaults and delivery charges        + $250
  • Grave Liners and delivery charges                           +  $200

Other Service Fees:

Delivery charges are included with the cost of the outside burial container and we do not make such charges up.  Taxes, if needed, are billed to the family at cost.

Direct cremations:

  • The cost of the mortuary service and our $200 fee

Direct burials done locally with use of a mortuary service –

  • $300 fee plus the cost of the local provider

Traditional Funeral Service:

  • $500 plus the cost of the local mortuary service

This means that you get the wholesale rate that a funeral director gets.  Our small fee  is more than made up for working with the local mortuary service. The money you save on employing the local mortuary providers, through my service can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Please call me for a quote.

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