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Funeral Homes vs. Mortuary Services:  Our family has been associated with the funeral and death care industry for over 100 years.  I have been a funeral director for over 45 years.  During those years we have helped thousands of families with the passing of a loved one.  We are business people that know how to give personalized care.  We have learned over those years to work with local wholesale funeral providers that operate in almost every local urban setting.  These providers, called mortuary services, are within moderate traveling distances of over 90% of most of the US population.

Service Costs:  Mortuary services work just for funeral homes.  Local and out-of-town funeral homes rely on these mortuary services on a routine basis.  These mortuary services charge far less than funeral homes, for simular services.  The retail funeral provider often marks the rates of the morturay service  up, making a considerable profit for themselves and their businesses. We get you cheaper rates to start with and avoid the profit markup.   Our service charges are just over wholesale mortuary service provider rates.

What we do:  That is where we come in.  We arrange services with a mortuary service in your local area.  These mortuary services can save the average grief-stricken family several hundred to several thousand dollars.   The saving is determined by the type of services the deceased’s family desires.

Examples:  I have a navy buddy whose brother died of a massive heart attack while visiting Disney World in Florida.  My friend called me, and within 30 minutes we saved him over $4000. The brother  who had died was prepared, and sent to New Jersey in a timely, cost efficient manner.  Another lady called around to several funeral homes.  Her mother had died about 200 miles away from home.  She was quoted about $2500 to bring her mother back home and have her mother cremated.  We  made one call, got a price, and had the cremation paperwork sent to me by fax.  Our client went home in about an hour.  We saved her about $1800 during that hour.   Another man we happen to know, had a close relative pass away about 400 miles from our city. The relative was cremated and sent to our acquaintance.  In this case, the local citizen saved about $800.  These savings are not unusual.  One last story.  Our family had gone fishing with a doctor and a close friend of our sister-in-law.  The doctor had a cousin who died in Long Island. The doctor called us for advice.  We had the cousin removed from Long Island, taken to NYC, prepared, placed in a casket.   The family had a viewing in a funeral home setting and the deceased was sent to the Philippine Islands.  The family was extremely pleased with our services and had no problem paying our small fee.  This family told us they saved between $10,000 and $20,000.

Speaking of our charges:   Saving people money is quite unusual for most funeral directors.  Funerals are the third or fourth most costly item in life, after a house, a car and the marriage of a daughter.  In the above cases we charged nothing to my navy buddy but the usual fee would have been ~$300.  For the cremations we charged $200 above the cost of the local mortuary service.   In the case of the visitation and shipment to the Philippines, my fee was $500.  Compared to what each of these people saved, my fee to them was very modest.

Saving money locally:  Can we save you money locally?  There is a funeral negotiator in our city.  He makes a good living saving people money on funerals.  His statement was that there was nothing wrong with a $15,000 funeral as long as the funeral did not cost you $15,000.  He would send us clients from all over the city.  He billed them 10% of what he saved them.  That is where we got some of the idea behind this business.  Local firms in our town charge as much as $5500 for a direct cremation.  That same cremation can be done for $675 at a funeral home that we are acquainted with.  Even more can be saved using a mortuary service.   Money can be saved in most urban areas.  Not using a mortuary service can be dangerous to your wallet.

I am available for emergencies at any time, day or night,   Our phone numbers are at the bottom of this webpage.  Call for a quote.  We do not take advantage.  You are not obligated to use our services after the phone call.   With a quote, you will have an idea of what a fair price is in your area of the USA.

Main:  281-941-2260            Emergencies any time  281-941-2600

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