Ceremony/Service Options

Service Options:

  • Traditional Funeral and Visitation – A family who wishes to have a traditional funeral service and visitation with the body present may do so.  The family may then elect to have burial or a cremation follow the traditional funeral service. We will contact low-cost  mortuary service professionals in your local area to provide this service.
  • Direct Cremation with Memorial Service – Families who wish to have the remains cremated immediately may still select a memorial service. They may also elect to have a cremation memorial, [cremation urn],  present if they desire.

Service Time Options:

  • Night Service – Many families are finding that a service held at night with private interment the following day is increasing in popularity. This allows people who may have some difficulty leaving work to attend the funeral service.
  • Private Service – A service held for members of the family and invited guests only. This is appropriate for the traditional funeral or memorial service.
  • Secular Service – A non-religious service conducted by a friend or relative; this service may take any form the family wishes.
  • Customized Service – we will assist you in arranging any service that meets your individual wishes and desires.

Location Options:

  • Funeral Home Chapel, [We will contact a low-cost local funeral service provider], Cemetery Chapel, or Church.
  • Memorial Services – A memorial service may be conducted in a funeral home chapel, a chapel in a cemetery, a church, at the home of the deceased, a relative or friend’s home, or any other place you select.  [We will contact a low-cost local wholesale funeral service provider in your area].
  • Services at the Crematorium – A brief service may be held at the crematorium, with the body present, prior to cremation. Due to most space limitations, this may be limited to family and close friends.
  • Service at the Graveside – A funeral service with the body present or a memorial service may be held at the graveside, prior to interment  of the casket or the inurnment of the memorial urn.
  • Customized Service – Today’s funeral services and cremation services are more customized and personalized than the past, and these services may be conducted in a place of the family’s choice. We will be happy to assist you in arranging and creating the service of your choice.

Options Following Cremation:

  • Burial of the Cremation Memorial/Cremation Urn – A cremation memorial may be buried in a grave space in a family plot, or at the foot of an occupied grave (with cemetery permission), or in a spot specifically chosen for the cremation memorial is available for burial of the cremation memorial in the ground.
  •  Placement in a Niche, Mausoleum, and/or Columbarium – Many cemeteries offer placement of the cremation memorial in a niche, mausoleum, or columbarium, or a combination of all of them. They are generally above ground receptacles with brass, marble, or glass fronts.
  • Urn Garden – An urn garden is a special area in a cemetery designated for the burial of cremation memorials only. A marker of some type is generally used to distinguish each plot.
  • Preparation of a “Remembering Place” – This is generally an area that the family selects and designates as a final place of remembrance after the cremated remains have been scattered. It provides a place for this and future generations to return to for honoring the deceased. It can take any form that the family desires.
  •  Scattering Garden – An area in a cemetery where cremated remains may be scattered in a garden setting. Sometimes a large memorial is available where individual plaques may be placed in remembrance of those scattered there.
  • Cremation Urn may be taken home – A family may elect to take the cremation memorial home and maintain it there. This is entirely a personal decision, and one that should be given careful consideration before a decision is made. Too often a memorial urn can be lost or misplaced during a move, or sometimes even stolen or broken.
  • Scattering – The cremated remains may be scattered in a place of the family’s choice, as long as that location is in accordance with the Federal or State ordinances and/or laws. We will be happy to guide you through the requirements in your area.

Other Options Available:

If others services are needed, we can find a provider that will accommodate almost any request.  We will also assist with memorial folders and other manners of memorialization.   We are committed to providing you with the guidance, assistance, and support that you need to create a truly special service. Should you have any questions about any of the  funeral, burial, memorial or cremation options discussed above or about the other services we offer, we encourage you to call us at 281-941-2260.    We carry a mobile phone and answer that 365/24/7, the number is 832-603-3980.

We are here to care for, assist, and guide families during a difficult time. Our priority is to make this time as easy and as meaningful as possible.  Because every family is different, we offer many choices. Together with our families, we can create a service of remembrance every bit as unique and special as the individual.  Every detail and consideration is designed to meet the desires and needs of the families we serve.  Finally, for those who are planning ahead for a loved one who is seriously ill, we do offer  short-term advanced planning options.

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