About Us

We are licensed as a funeral directors and serve the entire USA.  For the last decade we have been selling burial vaults, funeral goods and services,and cremations throughout the United Sates.  We have been licensed in New York, Florida, California and Texas.   We maintain a Texas funeral directors license and are associated with a licensed funeral establishment in Texas.

Our family has been associated with the funeral industry since around 1912.  At that time, our uncle was associated with The Doyle Funeral Home in Utica, NY.  I started at the Simons School of Embalming and Mortuary Science in 1966.  I did my internship at the Martin J. Nunn Funeral Home in Rome, NY.  I have been licensed  as a funeral director since 1969. I was just 21 when I became licensed. That was then the youngest allowed by NY State law.  I am a veteran of the armed services and served in the military over 22 years.  While in the military I got degrees in health care, and graduate degrees in business administration and management.  My brother is an honor graduate of Commonwealth Funeral Institute and did an internship in Florida.  We have given over 15 years of community service to the people of Texas, Florida and Tennessee.

We started a funeral business in 1991 and then opened a second funeral home in 1996.  We believe in low professional fees for the general public.   Superior service and lower prices allowed our business to prosper.  Doing what we said we would do and doing it in a timely manner also lead to success.  We are involved in many community activities.  I am active in church and many social, business and faternal groups.

We worked very closely with chaplains, ministers and other clergy to build our business.  We did a very integrated funeral business.  Clients consisted of Caucasians, African Americans, Asians and Latinos.  We do Protestant, Catholic and Jewish services on a routine basis.  This is quite unique to most areas of the country.  We have worked with almost every culture in our very ethnically diverse city.

My Filipina wife speaks English, Spanish, Filipino and Tagalog..  She is the mother of our two children.  We we have a new grandson that is the joy of our lives.  Other associates have children and grandchildren.

We started our first funeral home about a year after we retired from the armed forces.  We rented a small building that had been a funeral home for many years.  Slow but sure our  business grew.   My orginal partner’s management style and mine did not click so we went our separate way in February of 1996.  We opened a small funeral home with room for a small chapel, and with a few parking spaces.  We got our first call the day after the funeral home was licensed.  The rest is history.

Let us put 45 years of experience to work for you and your family.  We can most likely save you money, or at least point you in the right direction.  We are as close as your phone and our promise to you;  ‘we won’t take advantage’.

Phone: 281-941-2260     Emergency calls any time, day or night:  832-603-3980

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